City settles pepper spray traffic stop case for $50K

The basic story here is that a guy driving in Saratoga Springs NY flipped off a cop driving the other way. The cop turns around and pulls him over. The reason for the stop is apparently in retaliation to being given the finger by the driver, so the driver asks why he’s being stopped.. the cop pepper sprays him, assaults him opens the driver’s door and removes him from his vehicle. Arresting the driver for resisting arrest. Classic.
So the guy sues the city….wins $50,000.00 ….the charges are dropped….. and the cop loses his job. This is what we mean by the crooked cop lottery. Channel6 in Albany covered the story well and we have included a couple of their videos below. In the last one talking about the settlement, this guy makes a couple of great points which I certainly would have never thought about.
When asked why he performs what is called “1st amendment audits” He points out that it is a good way to test an officers character, a way to filter out bad cops who are more likely to break the laws and violate peoples rights in a huge way down the road. Then when the reporter looks at what he does as “baiting” the police. He replies that the police “Bait” citizens on a regular basis to catch the bad ones. Why not bait the police, for the very same reason?

Yes, this is an old story, but it seemed to be a perfect example of the current trend of filming the police and the “Crooked Cop Lottery”. 

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