Jury Awards $38 Million to Family of Maryland Woman Shot by Police

A Baltimore County, Md., jury awarded more than $38 million to the family of a woman who was fatally shot by the police in 2016.
The woman, Korryn Gaines, was shot several times by a Baltimore County police officer as her 5-year-old son lingered nearby, in the line of fire. During the standoff, Korryn’s son, Kodi Gaines, was struck twice by the officer’s gunfire. Once in the face and once in the elbow.
It was also stated that the shot struck the child in the face was the same shot that stuck Korryn Gaines in the back.
The jury awarded Kodi Gaines, now 6, more than $32.8 million; Karsyn Courtney, Kodi’s younger sister, who was not in the apartment at the time of the shooting, was awarded more than $4.5 million; and Korryn’s mother and father were awarded $300,000 each, as was the estate of Korryn Gaines.
Kenneth Ravenell, a lawyer representing Kodi Gaines and his father, Corey Cunningham, called the verdict a “huge win” for his clients. While he acknowledged that the award was “significant,” he emphasized that he believed the payout was justified given that Kodi had been shot and continues to suffer from post-traumatic stress.
There were varied claims to this story including one that the police contacted Facebook/Instagram to terminate a live stream video she was shooting.

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